Statistic Week Population Parameter Statistics Homework Help

Which one is correct.

A sample of 126 corporate managers and another sample of 168 college professors produced mean job-related stress scores of 7.35 for the managers and 6.86 for the professors. Suppose that the standard deviations of the stress scores are 1.12 for the managers and 1.82 for the professors. The null hypothesis is that the mean stress scores are the same for corporate managers and college professors, while the alternative hypothesis is that the mean stress score for managers is different from the mean stress score for professors. The significance level for the test is 1%. What are the critical values of z?

  • Correct Answer-3.09 and 3.09
  • Correct Answer-1.96 and 1.96
  • Correct Answer-2.33 and 2.33
  • Correct Answer-2.58 and 2.58


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