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Two responses to your classmates’ discussion posts and your complete assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. I will not accept late assignments.Responses to two classmates should be minimum 50 – 100 words)

This response should be addressed to Latonya Jelks,

1.To manage stress sometimes I close my eyes and do breathing exercises. I use positive coping methods to relieve the stress. I use positive thing about the issues or problems. When laughing or joking with people or my children it helps to relieve stress. I like to read books, the Bible, and do crossword puzzles. Sometimes I have to manage time to keep off the stress of being late for family functions or appointments. I like to exercise but, it is very hard to keep up with doing it everyday. I can get of track easily or my rheumatoid arthritis starts acting up very badly. When I get enough sleep makes me have less stress because, it makes me feel better. Talking with supportive family and friends helps to reduce stress. I mostly talk to my aunt, sister, and a close cousin. The one’s that worked for me is crossword puzzles, laughing, sleeping, reading, the Bible, and talking to family members. The one’s that have not worked is exercising, and managing time.

This response should be addressed to Shelia Mosby

2. Some stress management techniques I utilize in my life when it gets hard for me would be reading the bible and talking to God. I always like to meditate on God’s word because I find so much peace and joy in God’s words of wisdom. I also like to listen to inspirational gospel music when I am down for encouragement. I would also call my mom and sister for prayer and nourishment. I really respect and admired my mom and sister because I feel both of them are anointed and full of wisdom. Also, by making other people laugh and seeing them smile when there down brings my heart much joy. Exercising is another stress technique I use to manage stress and going out taking long nature walks enjoying God’s creation. I also love to go shopping when I’m stressed to make myself feel better. The stress techniques that works the best for me is meditating on God’s word as well as prayer with my mom and sister. I have to say shopping and excising do not always work well for me. It is hard for me to keep a regular exercise regime going and the shopping spree tends to lead to spending too much money, so it is a short lived enjoyment period for me. Spending too much money tend to cause more stress later.


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