Structured External Assignment 2

SEC 235 – Structured External Assignment

Students will research one of the Security Tech Topics below and create a Power Point presentation that will be presented to the class. You are to examine past, present, and future trends of this topic. This project is worth 100 points. This is to be submitted via Canvas by the end of Week 7. Please refer to the Structured External Assignment Rubric for grading guidelines. Listed below are the minimum requirements for the project:

Power Point Presentation:

At least 15-20 slides of text (No more than 25 slides of text or points will be deducted!!!) Use transitions, backgrounds, etc. Presentation can be animated.
Title Slide (does not count as a slide of text!)
References slide (does not count as a slide of text!)
Presentation must be relevant to the topic. Cite past, current, and present directions the technology has taken or will take.
Graphics and/or music, video should be included.
Cite whenever necessary, using APA citation styles; no paraphrasing or plagiarism.
Online sites may be used, with the exception of “Wikipedia” and other like sites.
Use good judgment when selecting information from websites (reliability)
Books, magazines, articles, etc should also be used
Get Creative!
Topics to choose from:

Peer-to-Peer / File Sharing / BitTorrent



Voice over IP (VoIP) Networks

Internet3 / Web 3.0

Cloud Computing



Packet Sniffers, Network & Protocol Analyzers

Public & Private Key Infrastructure

Ethics of Network Monitoring in the Workplace

Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Prevention Systems

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