Sub-Section 3

1) Dependency/interdependency:

Provide an example of one or more key dependencies and/or inter-dependencies related to your sector. Dependency: Describe the potential impact to another sector that is caused by a loss, or reduction of service provided by your sector, and/or describe the impact to your sector from a loss or reduction of service provided by another sectors. Inter-dependency: Likewise if you choose to describe an inter-dependency between your sector and another sector, describe in potential cascading impact of the loss, or reduction of services.

2) Public Private Partnerships:

Provide one or more examples of a Public-Private Partnership within your sector. Describe the Pros and Cons of the partnership.

3) Information Sharing:

Discuss the concept of Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISAC), and how they are intended to work.

My Sector is: Emergency Service Sector

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