Subject Big data in organisations Module Outcomes Assessed: Demonstrate critical appreciation

Subject Big data in organisations
Module Outcomes Assessed:
Demonstrate critical appreciation of the principles and practical applications of Big Data and Big Data sets in the business / organisational context.Assessment weighting: 35%
Word count: N/A
Your task is to create and deliver a recorded presentation showing the reach and practical application of Big Data within a specific business or organisational context. The presentation will provide an overview of the business application of Big Data and its uses within the organisation. You should critically evaluate their use/potential use of big data and the impact within the organisation. Include a critical analysis of their practical application of big data and how that has affected their business processes.
Using the work collated over the first part of the course and your own research develop an effective and well styled presentation to show the key points. Don’t forget to include an overview of the organisation to give context to the contents of the presentation.
You are required to submit a recording of you delivering the presentation. You may use visual aids if you wish.
For further information please refer to the full assignment brief for assessment 1: CETM23 – Assignment 1 Brief.docx Download CETM23 – Assignment 1 Brief.docx
Please make sure that you correctly cite and reference all secondary sources you use, and include a reference list.
This activity will be graded and you will receive feedback on it. The University’s Postgraduate generic Assessment criteria rubric is available to help you understand how you will be graded as outlined in Assignment brief 1. I strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with this thoroughly before you start this assessment.

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