subpart B through D Transcribed Image Text: -2b

subpart B through D Transcribed Image Text: -2b
A solid metal sphere of radius a is charged to a potential V> 0 and then isolated from the charging
source. It is then surrounded by joining two uncharged metal hemispherical shells of inner radius b
and outer radius 2b, as shown above, without touching the inner sphere or any source of charge.
In terms of the given quantities and fundamental constants, determine the initial charge Q, on
the solid sphere before it was surrounded by the outer shell.
b. Indicate the induced charge on the following after the outer shell is in place.
i. The inner surface of the shell
ii. The outer surface of the shell
Indicate the magnitude of the electric field as a function of r and the direction (if any) of the field
for the regions indicated below. Write your answers on the appropriate lines.