Swift Analysis Aptitude (Verbal And Numerical Test)

verbal and numerical test

Preparation guidelines and practice assessments – aptitude assessments only

– If you will be completing an aptitude assessment, you can download preparation guides from the Saville Assessment website. We would strongly recommend reading the preparation guidelines before starting the test

– You are also able to complete realistic, timed practice tests, by following this link: https://www.savilleassessment.com/practice-tests/

– We recommend you attempt the practice test via the above link before completing the live assessment, to familiarize yourself with the format and questions

Important information

– You will need to complete this test within 7 calendar days

– If you will be completing an aptitude test, you will need to complete this on a laptop or PC as mobile access isn’t enabled

– This is a one – time access link. Once you start the test, you must complete it in one sitting

– During the assessment DO NOT press the back button in the browser or refresh / reload the page as this will cancel the assessment

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