Tech Project 3

Microsoft Access Tutorial.

Download the Tech Project #3 – Business Intelligence Tool.pdf file to review the requirements for this assignment. This project will require you to review the documents named Tech Plug In 6, 7 and 8 and complete the tutorial provided by each document to learn some basic skills in Microsoft Access. You will submit a single Microsoft Access Database to this link as your submission.

Microsoft Access does not run on a Mac – but is available to you via UT’s VLAB. Instructions on how to use the VLAB are on the Blackboard Course Resources link. Microsoft Access is available as a free download from Microsoft (via DreamSpark). Details for obtaining the software can be found under the course resources link.


Technology Plug-In T7

1. Figure T7.6 shows the ‘<15’ in the Sort: field should be in the Criteria: field

2. Whenever you meet a phrase ‘close and save the query’, please ‘save first and close the query (Click the Save icon or Ctrl + s)’

3. Whenever you meet a phrase ‘close and save the query as’, please ‘save the query as “objectname” first and close (Top menu: File -> Save As -> Save Object As)”

4. The Expression Builder in the figure T7.8 is different from Access 2013. You need to select the Database first, and then select table node.


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