The following is an optional bonus assignment worth 2%. Tas

The following is an optional bonus assignment worth 2%.
Read Ben Passmore’s comic “Your Black Friend” (reading from Week 10), and then write 300-400 words answering the following questions.
1. How do the concepts of intersectionality and/or privilege play a role in the way masculinity is constructed and experienced by the
protagonist in the comic?
2. How is gender recognition is shaped by specific ideas about or understandings of race in the comic, especially in different spaces?
3. In your view, how does this comic convey its critique or argument(s) differently than a sociological study or critical essay? Are there any
benefits or drawbacks to the comics form in addressing these kinds of issues?
4. Why do you think the title of the comic addresses us as readers (i.e., using the pronoun “your”)? What does this accomplish? You might
want to think back to Shraya’s use of the second-person pronoun “you” in her book as a point of comparison.

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