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Select one of the US Supreme Court cases listed on the Oyez website . Select a case which was decided by the court after 1965. To help you select a landmark case of the court, I recommend that you select from the cases listed on this web page The case should deal with a agency of the federal government, and/or discrimination, and/or one of the following constitutional amendments (1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, or 14th). Read the case summary and listen to the oral argument of the case found on the Oyez website. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, with a minimum of seven slides. The presentation should contain the follow:

1. Cover slide

2. Summary of the main facts

3. List of the major legal issues addressed by the Supreme Court

4. Summary of the main arguments set forth by the parties

5. Comments or observations about the oral argument

6. Summary of the Supreme Court’s decision.

7. References


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