The Versailles Treaty History Assignment Help

In this activity you will find background information and directions to resources for further research.

  • Follow the directions provided in the activity; choose one of the countries listed in step 1
  • Use the websites provided to research the goals of your country and the Versailles treaty
  • Find additional sources as needed, but DO NOT use Wikipedia as a source
  • Complete an essay of two to three pages, presenting your findings to the general public of your chosen country
  • Use step 4 as a guide to what to include in your essay
  • Proofread your essay for grammar and punctuation
  1. Choose (or your instructor will assign) one of the following countries:
    • United States, represented by Woodrow Wilson

  2. Research the goals of your particular country going into the treaty negotiations as well as the outcomes of the conference.

  3. Analyze, outline, and compare the preconference goals and the treaty results for your country.

  4. Write a detailed speech or position paper to be delivered to the home government, upon return from the conference. Simulate how a representative from that country would present the final agreements of the Versailles Treaty to his home population. The speech or paper should summarize significant points in the treaty, draw conclusions about whether the goals of the country were met, and discuss how the terms of the treaty will affect the country.

  5. In class, form a group of four so each member represents one of the four Allied Powers. Present your position paper or speech to the others in the group and then discuss the perspectives represented in terms of historical accuracy.


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