Thesis- Research

Based on the attached topic, develop Chapter 2 in 3-4 pages with all references and APA format


Identify a topic in your specialization. (For IT students, Information Technology is not a topic. However, Millennials perceptions of smartphone technology could be a topic)

The topic is to understand how security flaws in IoT devices will impact its adoption and How IoT manufacturers can embrace cybersecurity strategies to revive integrity and enhance adaption

What is the cited problem? The problem you want to address has to come from the literature, and be cited, who are saying there are problems.

Advancement of technology and the availability of a wide variety of connected devices has made IoT (Internet of Things) ubiquitous. However, the adoption of every new technology comes with its own set of difficulties. IoT is no exception. IoT devices are vulnerable to hacking as they are mostly unsupervised. Since they communicate in a wireless environment, they are easily prone to hacking. Also, as they are relatively simple machines with less processing power, they cannot implement complex security schemes. IoT problems are not only confined to technical issues but are also associated with internal socio-economic factors. Security-related technologies need to protect IoT devices and platforms from information thefts and physical hacking. (Mariia, Belotserkovich, Vorona-Slivinskaya, & Pronkin, 2020) (Y. Li, Y. Li & J. Liu. 2020)

With customer enthusiasm growing for the use and adoption of IoT devices and platforms, such flaws will have an adverse impact on the adoption of IoT devices as personal information is at risk. I’d like to focus my research on how security flaws are impacting the adoption of IoT devices and the cybersecurity measures that manufacturers should implement to enhance IoT device adoption.

What has been done so far about the problem? Locate peer-reviewed articles related to your topic. What were the research questions in the studies? Who were the participants in the study? What were the findings reported?

Enough research has been done on security vulnerabilities with IoT devices. Research has also analyzed the funding committed by the corporations and the nations across the world towards strengthening the nation’s network grids and towards cybersecurity. Research has also analyzed the various overseeing techniques the perpetrators use to obtain sensitive information by masquerading as benign applications. The research has also identified the advanced machine learning techniques that hackers use to process the data from motion sensors, microphones, etc., to analyze and predict the personal information when the complete information is not available at their disposal. (Bolton, C., Fu, K., Hester, J., & Jun Han. 2020)

Identify a gap in the literature to justify your research.

As mentioned above, there is extensive research available on information threats and physical hacking in IoT devices and platforms. The research has also concluded on how the application developers spoof to over sensitive information from the IoT devices. However, there is a lack of evidence-based research on how security flaws Impact the adoption of IoT devices across the world due to a lack of trust.

What is the purpose of your proposed study (be specific and clear)? What is the population you would like to address?

The purpose of this research is to understand how security flaws will impact the adoption of IoT devices across the world due to a lack of trust. The study will be focused on how consumers are concerned about Adopting and using newer IoT devices and technology, this study information can be leveraged by manufacturers to strategize cybersecurity principles that would minimize security flaws and drive more consumer utilization [d1] . [d2] Even though data is collected from consumers using surveys and research questions, the data can be analyzed and used by manufacturers to design and develop better which would benefit both consumer and manufacturer (Bolton, C., Fu, K., Hester, J., & Jun Han. 2020)

What methodology are you planning on using? (If you are unsure, do you plan on a quantitative or qualitative study? You will determine your methodology in 839).

I’m currently planning to use a Qualitative study for this research since it would involve a lot of research and survey of scenarios which would demonstrate the lack of trust regarding IoT devices adaption and how implementing cybersecurity measures by manufacturers would enhance adaption and acceptance for mutual benefit.

[d1]The result could help, but your study is not focused on this.



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