This assignment requires you to: diagnose, correct, and report on commonly occurring

This assignment requires you to:

  • diagnose, correct, and report on commonly occurring network misconfigurations.
  • implement best practices for configuring Cisco devices.
  • document your changes.
  • document your diagnostic process.

Download and run the associated Packet Tracer file. In this file you will find a simulation of a set of interconnected networks which have various faults applied to them.

Your task is as follows:

  • Diagnose and correct each fault, verifying that the correct functionality is now present.
    • Note that some of the faults do not necessarily prevent connectivity, but may simply not be best practice.
  • Write a report that shows clearly, for each fault that you discover:
    • What the fault was.
    • What impact the fault had, both locally, and globally within each network, and where appropriate, across all the networks.
    • The process that you used to diagnose the fault (including a chronology of what was attempted that either worked, or didn’t work)
    • How you fixed the fault, being mindful of any potential effects (both positive and negative) that the correction may have more broadly in the network, if any.
  • Analyse devices for compliance with Cisco’s configuration best practices:
    • Determine which devices may not be configured according to best practice
    • Remediate the configuration of those devices, and
    • Document your changes.


Network IPv4 IPv6
Data Center 2001:db8:896f:c8::/64
Branch Office 2001:db8:896f:1::/64
ISP HFC 2001:db8:71c5:c8::/64
ISP Corp IX 2001:db8:71c5:89::/64
ISP Core 2001:db8:71c5:64::/64


Role Hostname Enable Password
Data Center Gateway DCG SanFran
Branch Office Gateway BOG BrisVegas
ISP Gateway ISPG (Wouldn’t you like to know ūüôā


Role FQDN Address
Branch Office DHCP
ISP DHCP dhcp.isp.test
ISP DNS dns.isp.test
ISP Web Server web.isp.test
Data Center FTP Server
Data Center Mail Server
Data Center Web Server
Data Center Web Server (IPv6) 2001:db8:896f:c8::50
Data Center Time Server

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