This is not and will not be graded Transcribed Image Text: 1

Can you with number 2. This is not and will not be graded Transcribed Image Text: 1. Where does blood in the right subclavian artery come from?
2. Blood from the left subclavian artery flows into what vessel as it moves toward the left arm?
3. Blood in the radial artery comes from what blood vessel?
4. Is the radial vein a superficial or deep vein?
5, Where is the median cubital vein found?
6. Where is the cephalic vein located?
7. Blood from the right axillary vein travels next to what vessel?
8. What vessel receives blood from the ulnar vein?
9. What artery takes blood directly to the femoral artery?
10. Blood from the popliteal artery comes directly from what artery?.
11. What vessels take blood to the left fermoral vein?
12. In what region of the body is the great saphenous vein?
13. Where does blood flow after it leaves the femoral vein?
14. In the fetal heart, what is the name of the shunt between the pulmonary trunk and the aortic arch?
15. Name the opening between the atria in the fetal heart.


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