Transcribed Image Text: Answer Only in Python:

Transcribed Image Text: Answer Only in Python:
Sanjiv Kapoor is a very well know chef in the world once he was going through the street
as soon as Chef passed by his belongings in his basement and was surprised to find
NN’s metal balls, each with a different weight. Our chef who is always looking for a way
to make money has decided to sell these balls for free. Luckily for him, he found a dealer
who was ready to buy these balls but the dealer agreed to buy only MM balls. The seller
also tells the chef that if you make a distinction between the low and high weight of the
steel balls, you will get more money.
the Chef to find the MM metal balls that he should give to the seller to earn a lot of
Sample Input:
12 8 4 15 7 1 16 14 11
1 1 2 19 13 1 4
Sample Output:


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