Transcribed Image Text: Consider a UAV in a maneuver

Transcribed Image Text: Consider a UAV in a maneuver. At an instant in time, the acceleration of the center of mass of the
UAV relative to Earth is ä = 0.27î +0.28j +0.05k (in m/s?). What is the magnitude of the sum of
aerodynamic and propulsion forces (in kN) acting on the UAV.
Assume the mass of UAV to be 10 x 103 kg.
Note i, j,k are unit vectors fixed in the Earth reference frame with k being positive downward
(along the gravity).
Hint: Write Newton’s second law or Euler’s first law. You have forces due to aerodynamics,
propulsion, and gravity. Thus, the total force magnitude (aerodynamics and propulsive) has to
account for gravity as well as the given acceleration.


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