Transcribed Image Text: Creating the Right-Hand Sum

Transcribed Image Text: Creating the Right-Hand Sum
Suppose that an object moving along a straight line
path has its velocity in feet per second at time t in
seconds given by v(t) = (1– 3)2 + 2
We will approximate this area by creating the left-hand
sum by constructing four rectangles to approximation
the area.
To create the right-hand sum you need to evaluate the
function at each of the right-hand endpoints of the
On the graph, sketch the four rectangles whose areas
you need to find. Then, enter the the function value at
the right hand endpoint and the areas of each rectangle
Got it?
Keep trying!
Кeep trying!
Keep trying!
Keep trying!
What is the approximation of the area using the right-
hand endpoints?


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