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Can you me with these questions? Transcribed Image Text: Dangs on not to scoe!!
Thack B
Treck A
In a winter wonderland two ice cubes, A & B, are released from rest at the top of tracks with the same initial height, h. Track A has a
steeper initial descent than track B, but both tracks drop to the same elevation. The cubes have the same mass. After reaching the
bottom of the track, at the same horizontal distance from the start (as shown by the vertical dashed line) each track transitions into a
ramp to make a jump. The ramp incline for track A is at an angle of 60° and the ramp incline for track B is at an angle of 30°.
Assume each ramp is frictionless and any other drag forces are negligible. Note: the drawing is not to scale and is for illustrative
purposes only. Transcribed Image Text: (a) Indicate how the speeds of cube A and cube B could be the same at the bottom of the track (point 2), explain why without
deriving equations for v?
What are 2 quantities which are the same for both cubes?
What does this tell you about the initial Ug for both cubes?
What form of energy must all of the energy be in at the bottom? What does this tell you about the v;?


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