Transcribed Image Text: protected member variable

Transcribed Image Text: protected member variable.
Consider a derived class FixedAcocunt derived from SavingAccount class with the
following private member variable,
Data type
Member Name
Include the following member function in FixedAcocunt class
Member Function
This function is used to display the Account details.
Print the string “Account Details:” in the method itself.
Use “%-20s %-20s %-20s %-20s %s\n” to print the table he
and to display the details in the order.
void display()
Consider a class AccountBO with the following public member function,
Member Function
The method accepts all the detail as
split the detail and store it in fixedA
FixedAccount accountDetails(string details)
In the main method, the detail of the FixedAccount is obtained from the user as a
comma-separated value.
Split the details by calling the accountDetails method and create an object for
FixedAccount and display the details in the specified format.
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Account Details
A bank provides two kinds of accounts to customers – Savings or Fixed. Some of the
information Ilike holder name, account number, etc. are same for both the type of
accounts. But the fixed account has some extra attributes like the locking period.
Bank wants to store the information of all the account holders in such a way that the
common information itself can be used somewhere if needed.
You are given the responsibility to develop an application for the above-mentioned
requirements. Analysing the factors you decide to opt for inheritance with Account
class as parent and SavingAccount and FixedAccount as its child classes.
Write a C++ program to get Fixed account details from the user and display the
details using multilevel inheritance with the following classes.
Strictly adhere to the Object-Oriented specifications given in the problem
statement. All class names, member variable names, and function names should be
the same as specified in the problem statement.
Consider a class Account with the following protected member variables.
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