Trauma Post What Would Be Your General Approach In Working With This Client Sociology Homework Help

Your client believes that his life was saved in a trauma situation (recent car accident) because God wants him to be alive. All he wants to talk about in the counseling session is related to his spiritual/religious views. He wants to explore with you his purpose in living, but he does not have a specific spiritual/religious framework or community with which he is involved. You sense an almost evangelical, overly intense, overly focused passion from your client as he discusses his crisis situation with you from his spiritual perspective.

  • What would be your general approach in working with this client?
  • What would make you hesitant about yourself (personal/professional countertransference) as you work with the client?
  • How would you begin the session to process the client’s concerns, and how would you respect your professional limitations and act in the best interest of the client throughout the session?

Discuss the role that spirituality and resilience play in crisis counseling. Is this client’s spirituality a help or hindrance in this case?

not essay, discussion post


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