Turn in your completed interview document here

Turn in your completed interview document here. You  must use the template provided in the MSWord application in order to get the kind of layout and design the project is requesting. If you go don’t use the MSWord template provided, you will have difficulties. Did you know that  OpenOffice is a free download?  It is a condensed version of MSWord and free.  Just make sure you click all the options that REFUSE any sort of add-ons or freebies when you download it. hoose a work of art from one of the permanent collections of any one of these United States art museums below. http://www.metmuseum.org/ (Metropolitan Museum of Art) http://web.cmoa.org/ (Carnegie Museum of ART) http://www.philamuseum.org/ (Philadelphia Museum of Art) http://www.mfa.org/ (Museum of Fine ARTS Boston) http://www.moma.org/ (Museum of Modern Art) http://www.lacma.org/ (Los Angeles County Museum of Art)


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