Unit 6 Philosophy Discussion

Consider the following scenario:

Farmer Joe is concerned about his cow, Daisy. In fact, he is so concerned that when his wife tells him that Daisy is happily grazing on the field, Farmer Joe wants to see for himself. He doesn’t want merely to have a 99 percent probability that Daisy is safe, he wants to be able to say that he knows that Daisy is safe. Farmer Joe then goes out to the field and, standing by the gate, sees in the distance, behind some trees, a white and black shape that he recognizes as his Daisy. He goes back home and tells his wife that he knows that Daisy is safe on the field. Yet, at this point, does Farmer Joe really know it?

Discuss why or why not you think that Farmer Joe has knowledge or his cow’s whereabouts.

What do you think is required of Joe to be able to say that he knows that Daisy is on the field?

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