Variables And Scales Of Measurements Health And Medicine Homework Help

hello, how are you, thanks a lot for helping me. I will upload the research paper for you to understand the work that I would like you to do . Follow the instructions . I will need a power point presentation too

Based on the topic: “DietaryAwareness in Reducing Obesity ” , study research questions and hypotheses.

I. Identify and organize all variables you will need to include in your study. (40 points) 1. Type of variables.

a.Independent/Predictor variables (20 points)  Quantitative  Qualitative

b.Dependent/Outcome/Response variables (20 points)  Quantitative  Qualitative

II.Scales of measurements proposed. (20 points) Nominal Ordinal Interval Ration

III.Identify available sources of data/information related to your topic of interest.

List the sources of information selected (website where the data will be extracted). (10 points)

IV. Prepare a 15 minutes PowerPoint presentation to be presented/discussed in class.


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