View The Following Six Video Clips This Clip Is From Dead Poets Society Management Homework Help

1.This clip is from Dead Poets Society.Compare and contrast the leadership styles of both Mr. Keating and Mr. Nolan.
CineGraf (2014). O captain, my captain!

2.This clip is from the movie Office Spacewhere the main character is asked to work the weekend. What leadership style isLumberg using?
ResoluteProductions (2011). Office Space—Working tomorrow.

3.The third clip is a scene from Remember theTitans where the coach tells the players about the Battle of Gettysburg.
mikedaquila (2011) Remember the Titans Coach Boone Speech

4.This clip is from The Princess Brideand depicts a battle of wits between Vazzini and Roberts where Vazzini has todecide which cup is poisoned.
Vecchiarelli, M.S. (2013) The princess bride—Battle of the wits.

5.The fifth clip is from The Blind Side.What leadership style does the coach use and then what style does the motheruse when she goes onto the field to tell Michael that the football team is likehis family and he has to protect them?
MacPherson, J. (2011). Blindside p and p 2

6.The last clip is from The Devil Wears Pradawhere Andrea arrives at the offices of Runway to interview for a job asassistant to Miranda.
moviemomentsAUS’s channel (2012). Devil Wears Prada.

·Discuss what leadershipmodel(s) best describe the approach to leadership exhibited in the video clip.

oTrait Model

oBehavioral Model

oContingency Model (identify which one—FiedlerModel, Path-Goal Model, and/or Normative Decision Model)

oInfluence (Power) (identify which one—RewardPower, Coercive Power, Legitimate Power, Referent Power and/or Expert Power)

oTransformational Leadership

·Devote a section inyour paper to each of the video clips. Each section should have a heading withthe name of the video clip followed by the leadership style/styles portrayed.For example: Return of the Jedi (Coercive Power).

·For each of the videoclips, you will need to use at least one of the leadership models listed above,and a few have more than one portrayed. Also you must use of all five of theleadership styles at least once in your paper.

·Analyze theeffectiveness of this leadership approach. Give examples of how specificbehaviors or attitudes illustrate specific tenets of the leadership model youhave chosen. Defend your answer with examples from the clip and references tothe appropriate background material.

·Is this leadershipstyle appropriate for this situation? Do you think it will be effective? Why orwhy not? Under what conditions might this approach be most appropriate? Most inappropriate?


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