Virtual Team Launch Kit

Instructions: Your essays will be graded on content to include grammar and spelling. While there is no end to what you might write you must convey your thoughts in essay of at least four to five pages excluding cover page and references section.

Assignment – Read carefully

Complete the following exhibits and explain your responses in a two paragraph after each exhibit

  1. Exhibit 3.1, Monitor Your Sense of Purpose (pp. 39) and
  2. Exhibit 3.4, Checklist for Virtual Teamwork (pp. 49) as it pertains to your current working environment/culture).

Write a brief introduction to these two tools (in Abstract Paragraph) and then complete each based on your current organization. After each exhibit write a two paragraphs explanation of your selections – why did you make those selections?

At the end of your document provide a brief conclusion, what you learned from completing these tools as it applies to Virtual teaming.

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