SoftArc Engineering is a civil engineering firm company which works across Australia as well as in Indonesia, Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea.

Their current IT support staff have had little exposure to virtualisation and it has been decided that you need to train them in some basic use of virtualisation.

You will need to download the following software:

VirtualBox 6.1.16 or later from
Ubuntu 20.04.01 LTS or later, from
(Optional. This is only needed if you are unable to mount a .iso file in your instance of VirtualBox) PowerISO 7.8 or later from
You are to produce an instruction manual that describes:

How to install VirtualBox on a PC or Mac (40 marks). This instruction manual must:
Describe all the steps that are required to install VirtualBox 6.1.x on a PC or Mac.
Describe how to change the hostname of your VirtualBox to (eg. 12345678_Host)
Include screenshots of each step of the process, along with any explanatory text required to ensure that the user can follow the instructions without any problems.
How to create a VM in VirtualBox that runs a specified operating system. The operating system to be installed is Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS. This part of the instruction manual must:
Describe how to create a Ubuntu VM in VirtualBox (40 marks). This description must include:
Screenshots of each step of the VM creation process, and
Full explanatory text so that a user could follow the instructions without problems.
Describe how you would do basic VM management on the Ubuntu VM, including:
Rename the VM to (eg. 12345678_VM),
Increase the RAM available to the VM, and
Increase the disk size (20 marks).
Your instruction manual should be specific for the machine and operating system on which you are installing VirtualBox. So if your personal machine is a Windows 10 machine, a Mac or another Linux machine, then your instruction manual should concentrate on that particular OS only.

You are not required to run anything on the Ubuntu VM that you create.

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The report should be submitted as a single MS Word document with all images embedded in the document.

Submissions in in *.zip, *.rar or any other format will not be marked.

The report presentation structure is:

Cover page

Title of Report
Student Name and Student ID
Student Email address
Main Report
This section should contain main body of the report. It should discuss all tasks / challenges asked in the case study. You should have sub-sections that answers each task. Support your answers with solid literature (in-text citations), diagrams and figures (if applicable). All diagrams and figures must have an appropriate caption.

Reference List
You must cite your references using the APA 6th or 7th edition referencing style for all material you have used as sources for the content of your work.

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