Discussion Questions: Have chemical attacks conducted in the past by such groups like the Japanese terrorist group Aum Shinrikyo or the Syrian government in the past half-decade had a significant effect on counterterrorism preparedness against chemical weapons in the United States? Why or Why not? And do you feel the more recent chemical attack by the Russian government against their former spy in the UK will have an impact on chemical weapon preparedness here in the United States? Why or why not?

Discussion Questions: There are many different versions of the intelligence cycle (or process) with steps that vary in number between 4 and 6. Which model do you think is most applicable to supporting the Homeland Security Enterprise? Substantively defend your choice. Describe interagency cooperation so important when it comes to (domestic) intelligence support to the Homeland Security Enterprise?

Discussion Questions: Identify the top three threats to the homeland and describe why you chose those as the primary threats. Considering specific terrorist tactics that have been or could be used in the homeland, which do you consider to be the most intimidating and which do you see as the most likely to be used?

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