Week 3 Assignment Polygraph Testing Computer Science Homework Help

In one document, discuss each of the following:

  • View the “Polygraph Testing” case study module. The link for the module can be found in the “Week 3 Assignments” folder.
  • After viewing the case study, summarize the case. Analyze how the testing of Aldrich Ames was handled by the polygraph operators. What could have been done to eliminate the errors? Explain why you think Ames “beat the system.” How could this be prevented?
  • Provide a brief history of polygraph testing in the workplace.
  • Furthermore, discuss if you have ever been involved with a polygraph test and what occurred. Relate this to this case study. If you have not been involved in a polygraph test, discuss your expectations of the experience.

Reminders: Students are required to submit assignments with a name, course name/number, week number and date on your assignments. Provide evidence, data, and references to defend your assertions. Please follow APA or MLA formatting, especially for citations and references.

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