Week 4 Written Assignment

Submit Week Four Written Assignment Here

In one Word document, complete the following using proper APA formatting:

  • View the “Correcting Poor Work” case study. The link is located above.
  • Once you view all three scenarios, discuss which scenario did you see Joel properly correcting Tim’s poor work? Why did you pick that scenario?
  • What were Joel’s behaviors? Please give your opinion of how correcting poor work should be taken care of as well as how you would approach correcting a subordinate’s poor work.
  • If you have encountered this type of situation, please relate this in your paper. This may include your experiences in dealing with difficult people. You should provide tips on handling difficult situations. (This is important because security professionals are often in stressful situations that require tact, patience, and understanding.)
  • You need to provide at least three references to back up your statements and opinions (one may be your book).

Reminders: This should be a complete graduate-level writing assignment. That means starting with an introduction and ending with a conclusion. Incorporate the questions in your analysis. Students are required to submit assignments with a name, course name/number and page numbers on your assignments. Please double space your work. Grading is facilitated when the assignment submission is well structured, and the questions (opposed to your answers) have been bolded. Please forllow APA or MLA formatting, especially for citations and references. Your answers must be in complete sentences with proper attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Submit using the link provided.




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