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Midterm Essay Assignment Guidelines

Due: Sunday, June 11th at 11:30 pm

100 points/ 20% of final grade

1.)You may only choose from the writing prompts provided. You should choose one prompt from the document titled Midterm Essay Prompts.

2.)Your essay should NOT summarize the text or texts about which you are writing. Instead, your essay should feature a thesis statement that is argumentative as it responds to the bolded question in the prompt you’ve selected.

3.)You should support your argument with textual support from the texts about which you are writing. Your essay must feature at least three direct quotations and include proper MLA in-text Citation as well as a Works Cited page. Revisit the “Writing About Literature” resources in the Start Here folder for help with citation as well as help with how to incorporate quotations into your essay. Failure to use direct quotations from the text may result in failure of the assignment.

4.)No OUTSIDE or SECONDARY sources are required. This essay should feature your own original argument and only be supported by passages from the text. If you do use an outside source, it needs to be cited in-text (even if you paraphrase or summarize) as well as be included on the Works Cited page. Avoid websites like gradesavers.com, enotes.com, shmoop.com, etc.

5.)Your essay should be a minimum of 750 words and five paragraphs. Essays that fail to meet the word count requirement or the paragraph requirement will fail the assignment. Use the following outline to help you draft and organize your argument.

a.Introductory paragraph: Introduce the text or texts you are writing about by name as well as include the author’s name. You may briefly summarize your text or texts here. This paragraph should lead up to and end with your argumentative thesis statement.

b.Body paragraphs: You should have three body paragraphs. Each should feature a topic sentence that makes a claim and that specifically addresses your thesis statement. You should strive to develop one idea in each body paragraph in order to keep your paragraphs unified/coherent. Make sure you introduce all of your quotations.

c.Conclusion paragraph: Sum up your essay and tell the reader why they should care. This paragraph should do more than just restate your thesis.

d.Works Cited page: This should appear on a new page. Your entries should be alphabetized. See the MLA resources in the Start Here folder.

6.) Do not use first person or second person pronouns. Your essay should be in the third person, objective point of view.

7.)Consider taking a rough draft to one of the SPC Learning Commons to be reviewed by a writing tutor. You may also consider submitting your essay to SmarThinking.

8.) Proofread/edit more than once. You don’t want to lose unnecessary points for typos or grammatical/mechanical errors.

********************SEE ATTACHED FOR PROMPTS!!


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