windows digital forensic

Practical Assessment Assignment


  • For your assignment – please review pages 183 to 231 which covers out an EXTENSIVE set of tools related
  • Next, I have prepared a chart for you. See below. Please download these tools and experiment.
  • Perform an analysis and send me screenshots or log files showing that you have tested all these tools
  • Then prepare a 3 – 6 pages paper outlining what you learned and if there are any tools that you would consider recommending to your colleagues. Be sure to experiment e.g. what happens if you are in Private Browsing mode? What happens if you run the tool then check a website then you run the tool again? Please compare and contrast!
Software Link Free?
WinPrefetchView… Yes
Thumbcache Viewer Yes
IEHistory View Yes
MiTEC Internet History Browser Yes
Browsing History View… Yes
IECache View Yes
IECookies View Yes
FavoritesView Yes
MozzillaHistory View or IECookiesView Yes
MozillaCookies View, (if you do use Mozilla) Yes

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