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Assignment 1: (1 Page Summary) 

Write a 1-page summary of the team’s discussion (Regarding the Rule of 10’s and 3’s) and explain the concepts of Radio Frequency you learned.

Assignment 2 (Quiz)

1.         Wireless is intended for use in the core role of networking.

A.         True

B.         False

2.         The __________ of an RF signal is the distance between similar points on two back-to-back waves.

A.         Frequency

B.         Wavelength

C.         Data Rate

D.         Phase

3.         Robust Security Network (RSN) was originally defined by which amendment?

A.         802.11j

B.         802.11i

C.         802.11s

D.         802.11r

E.         802.11w

4.         802.11j allows 10 MHz wide channels.

A.         True

B.         False

5.         PBCC is compatible with DSSS.

A.         True

B.         False

6.         Each OFDM Channel uses 52 separate precisely spaced frequencies called __________.

A.         Sub frequencies

B.         Sub carriers

C.         Sub components

D.         Sub modulations

7.         An Independent Basic Service Set requires how many access points?

A.         At least two

B.         At least one

C.         At most three

D.         At most two

E.         At most zero

8.         When using an AP as a sensor, what AP mode is being used?

A.         Root Mode

B.         Repeater Mode

C.         Scanner Mode

D.         Bridge Mode

9.         802.11ac operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency.

A.         True

B.         False

10.        What modulation allows 802.11ac to operate at such high speeds?

A.         BPSK

B.         16-QAM

C.         64-QAM

D.         256-QAM


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