Wk 2 – Media Application Scenarios

Identify digital media and applications that might help the teacher to address the learning needs of the student groups in each of the following three scenarios. Assume that each student group includes the following diverse student body:

Students with specific learning disabilities in reading and or math
English language learners
Students with varied ability levels
Multicultural students
Students with limited access to technology in the home
Elementary Scenario: Mr. B is introducing his 4th-grade students to fractions, and his curriculum requires students to solve word problems using fraction skills. His students are struggling, and he is not certain whether it is because they lack the basic fraction skills or whether they are struggling with comprehending what the problem requires them to do. He is looking for technology resources to assist his students.

Middle School Scenario: Mrs. C is a 7th-grade science teacher with a diverse group of students. She is creating a lesson plan around habitat loss in local environments and wants to use technology to help support her diverse students. She is struggling, and as a teacher leader, you are mentoring her thorough using technology to help meet their needs.

High School Scenario: Ms. R is a high school English teacher who is preparing students for a state-mandated test with a heavy reading and literature focus. Because this test is a graduation requirement, she wants to ensure her students will perform well and pass the test. She has come to you looking for help on using technology to help students prepare for this test.

Create a one- to two-minute podcast, video, or animation of your response to each scenario.

Create a new tab or section in your digital portfolio titled “Diverse Classroom Learners and Technology.”

Add a link to your podcast, video, or animation response to each scenario.

Consider implications for integrating the selected technology in your response, as well as the classroom management process.

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