Wk 4, HCS 335: DR 2

Substansive response

175 word minimum

APA format

At least 2 references

Respond to the following:

Terry Matherne
Active euthanasia involves providing the means to hasten a patient’s death. This can be through the use of drugs (i.e., morphine) or other means. Many people feel that this act is tantamount to murder since one person is terminating another person’s life through a “mercy killing”. Passive euthanasia, on the other hand, involves hastening a death by withholding some needed life-sustaining equipment (i.e., ventilator, feeding tube, etc.). While passive euthanasia is commonly used and accepted in medical ethics, active euthanasia is usually forbidden. Therefore, the answer to the question posed is “No”, physicians do not have to meet their patients’ demands for aid in dying via active euthanasia. In fact, it is illegal for them to do so. Edge (2006) addresses this in the weekly readings. That said, many ethicists and others would argue that active euthanasia is actually much more humane than passive euthanasia.

Do you think active euthanasia should be allowed in health care? Why or why not?

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