Wk 4, HCS 430: DR 2

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Kim Jones
6:00 PM

Good evening classmates and Jenny,

Strategies that are put into place in relation to the health care industry to protect the facility as well as the healthcare professionals from liability issues are encompassed with proper training of new incoming staff as well as rules and regulations.

It is important for the staff to be trained on the different contracts with the patients as well as protecting the facility from having any liability issues. Ranging from the safety of staff to ensuring that the patients have a clear understanding of their contractual agreements for treatment in the healthcare facilities.

There are a few liabilities in healthcare that can potentially become liabilities. In my opinion the most serious potential liability is Insurance. Due to Physicians, nursing staff, NP having to dispensing medication to the patient, and coming up with treatment plans, at times the patient can be misdiagnosed and or the wrong medication has been given to the patient; which can in turn be detrimental to the patient health and even cause death. Making sure that the Clinician has liability insurance can make sure that if there is a mistake there will be assistance to the patients family.

The most common is employee safety. When the staff has to take care of patients, bodily fluids, such as blood or chemical exposures can be harmful to the staff.

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