Work Assignments * Refers To A Case Study In The Text And Cases Edition. 5.1 For Petrobras

Question: Work Assignments * Refers To A Case Study In The Text And Cases Edition. 5.1 For Petrobras (End Of Chapter Case) Or Adnams* Or An Organisation Of Your Choice, Map Out A Governance Chain That Identifies The Key Players Through To The Beneficiaries Of The Organisation’s Good (Or Poor) Performance. To What Extent Do You Think Managers Are: A) Knowledgeable

Work assignments * Refers to a case study in the Text and Cases edition.

5.1 For Petrobras (end of chapter case) or Adnams* or an organisation of your choice, map out a governance chain that identifies the key players through to the beneficiaries of the organisation’s good (or poor) performance. To what extent do you think managers are:

a) knowledgeable about the expectations of beneficiaries;

b )actively pursuing their interests;

c)keeping them informed?

5.2 What in your view are the most important strengths and weaknesses of the stakeholder and shareholder models of governance?

5.3* Identify organisations that correspond to the overall stances on corporate social responsibility described in Table 5.3.

5.4 Identify the key corporate social responsibility issues which are of major concern in the Pub* and Global Pharmaceutical industries* or Advertising (Chapter 2 end case) industries or an industry or public service of your choice (refer to Table 5.4). Compare the approach of two or more organisations in that industry, and explain how this relates to their competitive standing. 5.5* Using the stakeholder mapping power/interests matrix, identify and map out the stakeholders for the Indian Premier League* or Mexican Narco-tra¥cers* or an organisation of your choice in relation to:

a current strategies;

b dierent future strategies of your choice. What are the implications of your analysis for the strategy of the organisation?


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