World Culture Perspective Final Law Homework Help

This paper is one piece of your course project. Complete the following:

  • Choose a world culture that is unfamiliar to you and is represented domestically in the United States.
  • Use research to collect a variety of resources about the culture. This includes interacting with members of the culture. In particular, focus your research on a small number of social issues surrounding the culture, along with cultural tendencies and trends, and the effect of these things on communication. Types of resources include interviews, media presentations, Web sites, text readings, scholarly articles, and other related materials.
  • In a paper of 500–1,000 words, address these things:
    • Investigate the effect that the tendencies, issues, and trends of the culture have on communication.
    • Explain how characteristics of nonverbal communication and other differences between your selected culture and U.S. culture affect personal interactions between members of the two cultures.
    • Connect the research you gathered to your ideas and explanations.


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