Write A Brief History Of The World 1992 Present From Your Own Perspective History Homework Help

Here’s the assignment: “Write a brief history of the world, 1992-present, from your own perspective.”

Your history should be the equivalent of a paper that is at least ten pages, double-spaced, one-inch margins, font size 10-13.

Your history should be your view of what has happened in the world since 1992, and it will include your analysis and interpretation of what is important about what happened in that period of time.

In your history, I expect that you will include your specific memories of important events as they happened, for example, the Bush-Gore presidential election of 2000, or the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl triumph. I will also point out writing problems for you to fix, and I expect them to be corrected.

  • You should use web-based sources, including newspapers, throughout your history.
  • You should include images, and each image must appear with a url source citation.
  • You should reference specific details within your paper. For example, if you use statistics on the 2000 US presidential election, then you should cite where you found that information. So, your paper will have to include some references. The references should appear in parenthetical form, i.e., the URL or other citation should appear in parenthesis in the paper.
  • I do not expect to see rants or colloquial language in your history. While I still ask you to use the past tense as much as possible with this assignment, I will allow the use of “I” in your narrative.
  • Finally, this is not a course centered on US history. So, while much of your personal world history will reflect memories of events that occurred in the US, you should broaden your perspective to a world view as much as possible.

You can view some great examples of this assignment.

Thank you in advance! Make sure it is at least 10 pages and feel free to view the examples (link above) for a good reference on how this assignment needs to be done.


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