Write A Brief Statement Introducing Yourself And Focusing On Your Reasons For Attending College Writing Homework Help

Write a brief statement introducing yourself and focusing on your reasons for attending college. Consider including any of the following information (if applicable):

  • Current level of responsibilities that could demonstrate your ability to be a successful student, including job, community, and/or family experiences
  • Career goals
  • Work experiences
  • Reasons your previous educational records may not reflect your current abilities

Here is some information:

I am working at Loudoun County Public schools; I live at home with my family and help them financially; I have a 20 year old sister with downs syndrome; I take care of her most of the time; my parents are older now (in their 60s) so any time I am not working I am with my sister taking care of her needs; I have had two previous jobs and due to my work I am unable to attend a campus which is why I have chosen online option; I want to attain a bachelors degree in hopes to get a good job and get my family out of the financial stress;

I want this well written to submit to a college application. I can provide an other information that can help. I want this statement to stand out and help with my admission process.


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