Write a Java 7 program with proper whole code and Explatation too,,

Write a Java 7 program with proper whole code and Explatation too,,. & Dont use JAVA8… Shil got an array of N integers as a present on his birthday. But he didn’t liked it. Shil wants to make this array beautiful. Shil considers an array A 1 ,A 2 ,A 3 . . . A N beautiful if A 1 > A N . Inorder to make it beautiful Shil can swap any two numbers in the array. Also Shil can perform this operation any number of times on any adjacent pairs of integers in the array A .Find the number of ways in which Shil can make this array beautiful.Two ways are considered same if resulting array after making all the swaps have same A 1 and A N . Input First line of input contains an integer N denoting the number of elements in an array A . Next line of input contains N space separated integers denoting A 1 ,A 2 ,A 3 . . . A N respectively. Output Number of ways in which you can make given array beautiful. Constraints 1 ≤ N ≤ 10 6 1 ≤ A i ≤ 10 6 SAMPLE INPUT 5 1 4 3 2 5 S AMPLE OUTPUT 10 Explanation Total number of ways are (5,1),(4,1),(3,1),(2,1),(5,2),(4,2),(3,2),(5,3),(4,3),(5,4). First number in above pair is A[1] and second number is A[N].Note that two ways are considered same if A[1] and A[N] are same in resulting array after swaps.


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