Write a Pizza class so that this client code works

use Python for this question. Write a Pizza class so that this client code works.   note that it is ok if the toppings are listed in a different order. The Pizza class should have two attributes(data items): size – a single character str, one of ‘S’,’M’,L” toppings – a set containing the toppings.  If you don’t remember how to use a set, make sure you look it up in the book.   note that toppings may be listed in a different order, but hw2TEST.py takes that into account. The Pizza class should have the following methods/operators): __init__ – constructs a Pizza of a given size (defaults to ‘M’) and with a given set of toppings (defaults to empty set).    I highly recommend you look at the Queue class in the book to see how to get this to work correctly. setSize – set pizza size to one of ‘S’,’M’or ‘L’ getSize – returns size addTopping – adds a topping to the pizza, no duplicates, i.e., adding ‘pepperoni’ twice only adds it once removeTopping – removes a topping from the pizza price – returns the price of the pizza according to the following scheme: ​‘S’: $6.25 plus 70 cents per topping ​‘M’: $9.95 plus $1.45 per topping ​‘L’: $12.95 plus $1.85 per topping __repr__ – returns representation as a string – see output sample above.  Note that toppings may be listed in a different order. __eq__ – two pizzas are equal if they have the same size and same toppings (toppings don’t need to be in the same order) Output for this question: M mushroom onion garlic L calamari garlic S # hw8TEST.py above lines are user inputs to be used for code that requires user input >>> from hw8 import * ##### Pizza ##### >>> pie = Pizza() >>> pie Pizza(‘M’,set()) >>> pie.setSize(‘L’) >>> pie.getSize() ‘L’ >>> pie.addTopping(‘pepperoni’) >>> pie Pizza(‘L’,{‘pepperoni’}) >>> pie.addTopping(‘anchovies’) >>> pie.addTopping(‘mushrooms’) >>> pie==Pizza(‘L’,{‘anchovies’, ‘mushrooms’, ‘pepperoni’}) True >>> pie.addTopping(‘pepperoni’) >>> pie==Pizza(‘L’,{‘anchovies’, ‘mushrooms’, ‘pepperoni’}) True >>> pie.removeTopping(‘anchovies’) >>> pie==Pizza(‘L’,{‘mushrooms’, ‘pepperoni’}) True >>> pie.price() 16.65 Note: In the following code, p==p2 shoudl be False. If True than they are sharing the same set (or list) of toppings You need to make sure that the set() constructor is called in all cases in the body of the Pizza constructor. See course notes for the Queue class. >>> p = Pizza() >>> p2 = Pizza() >>> p.addTopping(‘mushroom’) >>> p2.addTopping(‘onion’) >>> p.addTopping(‘mushroom’) >>> p Pizza(‘M’,{‘mushroom’}) >>> p2 Pizza(‘M’,{‘onion’}) >>> p==p2 # see note in TEST file False >>> # reroute stdin # code below directs input to be received from above should not cause an error >>> import sys >>> si = sys.stdin >>> sys.stdin = open(‘hw8TEST.py’)


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