Write the following statement in symbolic form (Prepositional or Predicate)

Write the following statement in symbolic form (Prepositional or Predicate). a)    If either Pakistan government takes action against COVID or WHO send vacancies to Pakistan, then Pakistanis will get rids of this deadly virus. b)   Pakistan may become the highly polluted country if the government will not take the necessary measures for controlling the carbon emission. c)   If we have two sets of cars (Car A and Car B) using the “Drive Faster” function you can have four (4) different predicate statements. Write down all these 4 predicate statements only. d)   Show that the following statements are tautology: (p ∧ (p → ~ q)) → q (p n (p → ~r)) → q e) Consider the following data of a Student System that contains Student-ID and Student-Name data Student-ID Student-Name 1 SYED 2 SYED 3 KARIM 4 SARAH Explain that Student-ID has partial-function relation with Student-Name.


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