You are required to have a letterhead on your Case Problem submissions

1. You are required to have a letterhead on your Case Problem submissions. You can make your own or use the one posted in the Doc Sharing. Letterhead stationery is not used for the second or subsequent pages in business communications. 2. For the thrust of your papers, you should assume that you are a consultant or expert providing the required material to someone in the organization noted in the assignment. The paper should be addressed to that individual/company and should be tailored to their needs and expectations. If you are not supplied with a name of the individual, invent one. For example, in many cases you are a consultant from a computer security services company and have been asked to draft a paper on your assessment of some aspect of a client company’s security. Your paper should be addressed to the security committee or appropriate individual at the client company (CIO, CISO) and should contain your assessment of their problem and your recommendations for change. 3. The submission for these Case Projects should be no less than 1.5 pages of double-spaced content, not including the letterhead, excessive white space, long quotations, or other non-content items. In no case should the submission exceed five pages. Margins should be no greater than 1 inch. Acceptable fonts for these papers are Arial, Calibri, Cambria, and Times New Roman. Other fonts must be approved by the professor. Fonts greater than 12 pts should not be used.


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