Your program assignment Write a program named RockPaperScissors,

Your program assignment Write a program named RockPaperScissors, In the game Rock Paper Scissors, two players simultaneous choose one of the three options: rock, paper, or scissors. (Or 5 if you add Lizards and Spock). One player will be the user and the other will be the computer. The computers choice will be a random number generated using the Random Number Generator. If both players choose the same option, then the results is a tie. However, if they choose differently, the winner is determined as follows:

·        Rock beats scissors, because a rock can break a pair of scissors.

·        Scissors beats paper, because scissors can cut paper.

·        Paper bests rock, because a piece of paper can cover a rock.

The user can play Rock-Paper-Scissors by clicking on one of the three buttons or picture boxes. Keep track of wins by each side. After each guess, display the results in a label. You might also want a reset button and an exit button on the form. Mickey's Rock, Paper and Scissors! х Let's Play!

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