Your Task Is To Write A Column On One Of The Five Major Social Institutions Sociology Homework Help


Your task is to write a column on one of the five major social institutions.


You are a prominent and highly regarded sociologist. You have been asked to write a column for a national newspaper on the changing nature of American society.


The newspaper’s editor and a national audience of the paper’s readership

You can assume that your audience has an interest in both the current state and future of American society


The newspaper is asking great thinkers, like you, to select one of the five major Social institutions to write about. In your column, you will briefly outline the history, current trends, and your predictions regarding the family, religion, politics, the economy, OR education. You are also invited to give your own evaluation of the current state and future of the institution you have chosen.

Product, Performance and Purpose

You will construct a five-paragraph essay that includes all the elements required: thesis statement, brief outline of history, current trends, and predictions. The structure of the essay will be introductory paragraph, three paragraph body (containing elements and support for thesis), and a strong concluding paragraph.


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