Youth Sports

Provide comprehensive insight, understanding, and reflective. you should creatively stimulate dialogue and commentary. Should reflect expressions of personality and personal experience. text created by others should display appropriate copyright permissions and accurate citations. (use APA style )

Submit a 500-word response to BOTH of the following questions:

What are youth sports programs doing to improve sportsmanship for all involved? Cite one reference.

What are some ethical concerns in administrating and coaching amateur sports? Cite one reference.

Which point discussed in the videos caught your attention? Explain.

Find a community youth sport sportsmanship program example found on the Internet. Provide description and personal critique of a program, rules or regulations of a community youth sports program to improve sportsmanship, and overall ethical behavior of all involved with their youth sports program. Describe when and how the administration has implemented its program. Select an example found on the Internet no later than 2010.

Minimum 250 words.

12 hour

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